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We offer guidance and orientation in a world that constantly renegotiates the ways we communicate, interact, and collaborate. The impact of our work profoundly shapes the interactions and communications between organizations, as well as among individuals.


Leveraging scientific and data-driven methods, we decipher complex behavioral patterns within organizations and markets, enabling us to exert targeted influence.



»We shape the interaction between organizations and individuals by responsibly harnessing the power of communication to achieve our clients' objectives and benefit society.«

Florian Hill, M.Sc.

Chief Executive Officer & Inhaber

Born in Creativity. Forged in Strategy.
Wired for what's next.

WIRED epitomizes the transformative force of collaboration, networking, and interaction. Inseparably linked to Florian Hill, we are poised to pioneer new paths, transcend boundaries, and explore uncharted territories.  HILLWIRED is a multi-perspective, interdisciplinary power hub that develops strategic communication & marketing projects and transforms them into reality with process reliability - whether physically in space, digitally or by merging everything together.

To guarantee a high degree of stakeholder satisfaction, we have meticulously tailored our services and organizational structure to the demands of our clients and the requirements of the market.

We initiate the right processes

We merge visionary thinking, courage, and dedication to forge sustainable connections between our clients and their target audiences. Our role surpasses that of merely a creative think tank and implementer. We enable our clients to harness their creativity and strategic thinking, supporting them with our workforce in bringing their ideas to life.


Together, we establish connections where previously there were none, continuously reimagining products, services, and markets. We assist our clients in innovating and preserving traditions in a meaningful manner.

Hillwired München

»Communication builds the foundation for a successful organization and its management. The greater our comprehension, the greater our potential for its advancement.«

Team Strategy & Concept

Hillwired Agentur


Strategists, designers, architects, project managers, developers, psychologists, business administrators


HILLWIRED Workspaces in Germany, Austria, Italy, Ireland & USA 



Projects initiated and realized

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Suppliers and service providers

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